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Maria Stepanova on Putin's Russia

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Description of show: 

An article about Maria Stepanova's recent Stanford talk is here

About Guest: 

Maria Stepanova was already an important and innovative poet by the time of Vladimir Putin’s accession, but the times called for a tougher, more public role. Today, she is one of the most visible figures in post-Soviet culture – not only as a poet, but as a journalist, a publisher, and a powerful voice for press freedom.

She is the founder of the Colta, the only independent crowd-funded source of information that exists in Russia today, with 900,000 unique visitors per month. The online publication has been called a Russian Huffington Post in format and style – and also compared to the New York Review of Books for the scope and depth of its long essays.

She is the author of nine poetry collections and the recipient of several Russian and international awards (including the prestigious Andrey Bely Prize and Joseph Brodsky Fellowship).